Rebeka O. Szabó

Research Fellow | Networks, Innovation and Technology (NeTI) Lab, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary


Rebeka O. Szabó is a sociologist-network scientist. She joint the NeTI and ANET Lab in 2020. She is also a finishing Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Network and Data Science at Central European University. Before that, she earned her master degree at Universiteit Van Amsterdam in Sociology (Comparative Organizations and Labor Studies). She was a visiting research fellow at Kellogg School of Management and The Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems of Northwestern University in 2020. In her thesis she studies group dynamics in the noninterventional, experimental research setting of escape rooms to better understand the behavior of problem-solving teams in their complexity.
Rebeka's main scientific interests are social networks, teams, organizations, and evolution intertwined with themes of cooperation, social inequality and knowledge diffusion.

Selected Publications

We work close collaboration with ANET.